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A fundamental shift in respiratory care management driven by machine intelligence



Cambridge Respiratory Innovations is a venture-backed respiratory intelligence company, founded in 2013 in Cambridge UK. Our mission is to transform respiratory medicine, through accurate early diagnostics, intelligent remote monitoring, and early prediction of deterioration.

Our N-Tidal™ technologies are built on a foundation of novel, patent-protected, fast-response CO2 sensor technology. Capnometers in clinical use today are based on crude, poor resolution CO2 sensors, often integrated into ventilators, designed to provide very basic information about breathing to clinicians, e.g. breathing rate, and maximum exhaled CO2 at the end of the breath (end-tidal CO2).

Our sensors provide unparalleled sensitivity, high resolution, sampled directly from the mouth. The sensitivity of our sensor enables never-before-seen information, encoded within the shape of the CO2 waveform , related to lung physiology, which no other technology in clinical use today can detect. We have developed 80 novel respiratory biomarkers, validated through several clinical trials over the past 6 years, which provide novel information about lung health, sensitive to small changes in airway obstruction in patients with asthma and COPD. These biomarkers drive our AI-powered diagnostic, monitoring and predictive software technologies.


The WHO estimate that over 7% of the Earth's population suffer from two chronic respiratory conditions: asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The incidence is rising worldwide due to global increases in air pollution and tobacco smoking.

Existing clinical technologies lack the precision, predictive power and usability to deliver sustained real-world impact, resulting in a large care gap. As a result, two thirds of asthma deaths are preventable, and two thirds of patients with COPD are undiagnosed. In total, asthma and COPD costs the UK economy £5 Bn each year, and the US economy more than $100 Bn each year.

“We have run several clinical studies with the N-Tidal™ on patients with severe asthma and other respiratory disorders. Cambridge Respiratory Innovations' technologies have the potential to transform the way we diagnose and treat many of these respiratory conditions.”

Image of Prof. Anoop Chauhan, MBE

Prof. Anoop Chauhan, MBE
Director of Research and Innovation,
Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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