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Existing technologies often lack the sensitivity to detect small changes in airways required to measure and monitor clinical and therapeutic efficacy. The N-Tidal™ cloud platform API provides direct access to our precision respiratory biomarkers from patients breathing through the N-Tidal™ in real-time. We use this to facilitate continuous research and development of our technologies.

N-Tidal Monitor™

Our remote patient monitoring biomarkers can be used to monitor patients on clinical trials in the home environment, reducing the need for clinical touch points, delivering robust, rich information about lung physiology direct to clinical trials and research teams.

N-Tidal Diagnose™

Recruiting the right patients onto clinical trials is key to successful results. High clinical misdiagnosis rates means the wrong patients are often recruited onto clinical trials, resulting in biased outcomes and reduced sensitivity in detection of drug effects. N-Tidal Diagnose™ can assist during patient screening to ensure only the right patients are recruited onto trials, improving trial outcomes.


What happens when I use your services?

01. Connect



Get in touch with our sales team to identify how our technologies might be able to help you with your research & development.

02. Setup



Our product team will work with you to set up our services, including:

  • Shipping
  • User acceptance testing
  • Clinical dashboard setup, online training for study and site teams
  • Instructions for use, product / user / IT specifications
  • Secure API / SaaS service setup

03. Go Live


Go Live

We will collect and store N-Tidal™ data on our secure cloud platform. You will be able to monitor N-Tidal™ usage metrics, data quality and error reporting.

Our secure APIs will provide you with direct access to biomarkers and diagnostic information, in real time.

04. Support



Our customer operations team will be on hand to troubleshoot any issues with setup, usage and service delivery.

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