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Redefining the way respiratory conditions are diagnosed and managed through the innovative application of AI assisted technology

We are a passionate and diverse cross-functional team of engineers, scientists, product managers, clinicians, designers, and quality and regulatory experts. We are committed to advancing respiratory care to make it scientific, accessible to patients, and easy to use. Our shared goal is to build an ecosystem of sensors, software and machine learning technologies that bring unparalleled insights to those diagnosing and managing complex respiratory conditions.

“The impact on society of chronic respiratory conditions is devastating not only for the individual and their families, but also the spiralling burden of care on already overstretched health systems. In the next 5 years, it is estimated that 1 in 10 people on the planet will have either COPD or asthma.

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations have been on a journey for the last 9 years to bring faster, more precise, effective diagnosis and management capabilities to the front lines of care.

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far but this is only the beginning of what we plan to develop. Our ultimate mission is to set a new standard of respiratory care and to support the transformation of individualised patient pathways for every patient living with underlying respiratory conditions.

As an asthma patient myself, I have a first-hand experience of the challenges of living with a long-term respiratory condition. That's why I am very excited about the impact our technology can have on patient care.”

Ameera Patel, CEO


Picture of Dr Ameera Patel

Dr Ameera Patel

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Picture of Dr Julian Carter

Dr Julian Carter

Chief Engineer, Founder, Director

Picture of Kim Clark

Kim Clark

Financial Controller

Picture of Martin Jeffries

Martin Jeffries

Chief Commercial Officer

Board of Directors

Picture of Natalie Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Director, Chairperson

Picture of Tim Rea

Tim Rea

Director (BGF)

Picture of Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce

Director (Downing LLP)

Picture of Jeremy Curnock Cook

Jeremy Curnock Cook

Independent Director

Picture of Calum MacGregor

Calum MacGregor

Director (Gas Sensing Solutions)

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