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N-Tidal™ is a regulated CE-marked medical device, available in the UK and EU for clinical use (under the name N-Tidal C™), and in the rest of the world for research use.

The N-Tidal™ is the world's first fast-response, handheld, connected capnometer suitable for clinical and personal home use. The N-Tidal™ collects data from normal tidal breathing and communicates this data securely, in real-time via 4G, from anywhere in the world to our cloud platform. Here, our proprietary algorithms analyse this data in real-time to generate 80 respiratory biomarkers that are made available to clinicians through our clinical dashboard within ~1 minute.

The N-Tidal™ is designed to be accessible and ergonomic, and does not require forced breathing, bluetooth or wifi.





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N-Tidal Monitor™

N-Tidal Monitor™ makes our intelligent remote monitoring biomarkers available through our clinical dashboard. The N-Tidal Monitor™ system provides new real-time insights into lung health that are accurate, sensitive and enable early detection of deterioration. Our remote monitoring biomarkers are built with 6 years of scientific research on data collected from over 2 million breaths on several clinical trials.

Our proprietary AI-driven diagnostic and prediction solutions are built on scientific research and data collected from over 1 million breaths on clinical trials over 6 years.

Contact us to enquire about early access to our remote monitoring biomarker API for clinical research.

N-Tidal Diagnose™

N-Tidal Diagnose™ makes our precise, accurate, early-stage diagnostic AI technology available through our clinical dashboard. This technology can be used as a screening test for at-risk cohorts, or to assist with (early) clinical diagnosis of asthma and COPD. Our AI-driven diagnostic algorithms build on our proprietary biomarkers to enable precision diagnosis in clinic or in the home environment.

Contact us to enquire about early access to participate in clinical research for our diagnostic solutions.

N-Tidal Predict™

N-Tidal Predict™ brings powerful predictive and forecasting technologies to identify early signs of deterioration, medication responsiveness and powerful subtyping to guide clinical decision making. These technologies aim to prevent hospitalisations and deaths, enabling better targeting of medication and accurate assessment of therapeutic success.